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Shyam Benegal on Satyajit Ray

The raw material of cinema is life itself. It is incredible that a country which has inspired so much painting and music and poetry should fail to move the filmmaker. He has only to keep his eyes open and his ears. Let him do so.
-Satyajit Ray

While you serve the medium, serve your conscience too. 
-Mrinal Sen

Welcome to IFSUAE    

Indian Film Society of United Arab Emirates (IFSUAE) is a nonprofit, member supported group of enthusiastic film lovers. We facilitate education of the public in the knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the art of Indian classic and contemporary films. 

The society aims to:

  • Celebrate films and their impact on society
  • Honor filmmakers and recognize their achievements and contributions.
  • Provide educational programs to students to understand the role of film in today’s world
  • Promote INDIA-UAE cultural relations

To receive regular emails about IFSUAE coming film screenings and events, contact

Suggest a Film    

When you are a member we want you to tell us the films you are keen to watch and how we can do things better. So you are encouraged to take part in the film society by helping choose films to screen and assist all other aspects of the society’s development.

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